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Attention Deficit Disorder

What Causes ADD in Adolescents and Adults?

Experts believe that ADD has a large genetic component, and is caused by a neuro-chemical disconnection between two parts of the frontal lobes inside the brain. This affects the central nervous system’s development, and thus causes impairment in the ability to concentrate.

The Basic Characteristics of ADD

The three main characteristics of ADD are:
1.  Inattention
  • difficulty organizing tasks
  • difficulty staying on task (quick loss of interest) and maintaining effort
  • difficulty with transitions or prioritizing tasks, following instructions, and completing school work
  • problems with misplacing things needed for tasks
  • becoming easily distracted by extraneous stimuli
  • difficulty remembering daily activities
2.  Hyperactivity
  • experiences minor motor restlessness, such as fidgeting of hands
  • has difficulty remaining seated and talks excessively
  • has difficulty regulating restlessness to situational demands
  • has difficulty channeling physical restlessness in productive directions
  • has difficulty listening to others
  • becomes easily distracted while reading
3.  Impulsiveness
  • speaks or acts without considering the consequence
  • has difficulty taking turns
  • has feelings of being out-of-control, which can result in obsessive compulsive behaviors
  • has need for high stimulus activity

What is the Treatment for ADD?

ADD is not curable. It is a disorder that lasts a lifetime. The best treatment for ADD is a combination of medication, behavior modification strategies, and professional counseling.

The basic characterisitics of ADD |  Attention Deficit Disorder Student Handbook  | Cook Counseling Center | Virginia Tech

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