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Viral: Incredible Art Painted By Girl With Muscular Dystrophy

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Viral: Incredible Art Painted By Girl With Muscular Dystrophy

It’s so easy for us to focus on what we can’t do in life: the things we’ll never be able to achieve, the awards we’ll never win, the house we’ll never own.
This kind of negative thinking can be incredibly draining and can lead us to dissatisfaction and coveting what does not belong to us.
The opposite is also true. It can be a struggle to shift our perspective, but if we focus, instead, on what we can accomplish, we’ll be more productive, more content, and maybe even happier.

Few people illustrate this as well as Joni Eareckson Tada. When she was just 17, she was involved in a diving accident that left her paralyzed.
Despite this setback, she has come to find a way to use her talents — she creates works of art, but without the use of her hands.

Instead of using excuses about what she could not do, she found something she could do. She could still hold a pen or paintbrush in her mouth and use that.
You try holding a paintbrush in your mouth and painting something. It’s not easy.
Now another young artist has come along who has also found a way to push past her condition and stun the world with what she is capable of.
Ekaterina, who is from Russia, has experienced plenty of trials already in her short life. The young girl has muscular dystrophy, and cannot walk on her own.
She can’t even raise her hands on her own. She uses a wheelchair to get around, but she can get around. And she enjoys dancing to music. But she can also paint.

She enjoys painting animals and landscapes while lying on her side. She can still manipulate a brush and has a sharp eye for color and perspective.
Her Facebook page is full of videos of her various paintings, all of them breathtaking. It’s shocking to think such a young girl could be the artist behind these works of art.

Plenty of others have found her work impressive, too. “This is not just good art, I think, but more, already excellent and mature,” wrote one commenter.
“Just the way she confidently draws a line with her brush demonstrates skill. Moreover, quite simply, she is extremely inspirational. Keep painting, my dear.”
Many have commented to find out where they can buy prints of her work or an Ekaterina original. While she’s had some showings of her work, there’s no word yet on whether or not any will be for sale.
We’re sure Ekaterina will only get better as she taps into the talent she so clearly has. She is an excellent example to all of us.
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